Crypto mining is hot! Logical of course, because often returns of 200-300% and more are also made. But mining is a profession in its own right! Of course there are wizzkids who say they do that in their attic, or in their garage or basement. Nice as a hobby, but this is not a good basis for a solid investment. This requires not only thorough and in-depth technical knowledge of systems and hardware to be able to start mining at all, but also stability, capacity (or better volume …) and certainly tools to monitor. We do not only mean monitoring the mining process, but especially 24/7 monitoring of developments in the crypto market.

The return of mining is largely determined by the choice of the crypto currency in which it is mined. The choice in this, and in particular the flexibility to switch (partially and a la minute) with ‘computing capacity’ between various coins is a constant search for the best and most profitable crypto to mine. With our advanced monitoring system, we constantly scan the market movements and respond to them. We therefore offer interested parties the opportunity to board. We focus on GPU mining and we have developed 3 profiles, each of which mines based on its own market strategy. To keep the threshold low, it is already possible to participate from 25MH / s. In addition, there are packages of 50MH / s and 100MH / s and customization is possible. Prices from € 1,950 ex VAT for 25MH / s based on 24 months, including set-up, hardware, maintenance and power consumption. Return calculation on request.